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Best WAP of 2020 Review: Wireless Access Points for Homes, Offices and Small Businesses In 2020

Are you looking to extend your Wi-Fi range in your home or business office?

Well, the best wireless access point is all you need to make the much-needed difference. The pocket-sized gadgets come with the convenience of accessing high-speed internet from any location in your space.

Typically, a WAP help to crank up the signal of your router and remove any dead zones in your office or home. It expands the range of an existing network and wirelessly connects to your devices through a unique high-speed Ethernet cable. Therefore, you will avoid the frustrating buffering and stalling common with weak network.

But with so many WAP devices in the market today, it can get confusing choosing the best one that meets your needs. For this reason, we took the time to research and review the best WAP devices of 2020. Our goal is to make your shopping as easy as possible. Check out the list of 5 best WAPs of 2020.

Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11 ac Dual-Radio PRO Access Point (UAP-AC-PRO-US)

The Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11 ac is arguably one of the best wireless access point for home any user could ever wish to own. What I specifically loved about this device is its many unique, convenient designs and functionality features.

These features include a versatile industrial indoor and outdoor dual-band access points. It means that the device is a Wi-Fi enterprise that is scalable, single controlled, and unlimited too! Another feature that instantly caught my eye is the two 10/100/100 Ethernet ports that come with this device. I was also impressed by the device’s high speeds of up to 450 Mbps and 1300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz AND 5GHz bands, respectively. If you desire a faster channel, then the 5GHZ band got you covered.

What is more, the device comes with amazing 3×3 MIMO technology. The technology which is embedded in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands comes in handy to ensure that you receive an uninterrupted network to download your favorite videos or complete your project on time. Also, the fact that Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11 ac meets 802.11 a/b/g/ac Wi-Fi standards is a solid guarantee that you will get value for your money.

Key features

  • Versatile industrial indoor/outdoor dual-band access points
  • High speeds of up to 450 Mbps and 1300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz AND 5GHz bands respectively
  • The two 10/100/100 Ethernet ports
  • Equipped with 3×3 MIMO technologies


  • It is weatherproof for both indoor and outdoor wireless network installation
  • Meets 802.11 a/b/g/ac Wi-Fi quality standards
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • Easy installation process
  • Supports up to 4 SSID/networks


  • Heats up fast
  • You may have to cover for installation costs as you may need the services of a qualified technician

Linksys Business LAPAC2600 Pros Series AC2600 Dual-Band MU MIMO Wireless Access Point

It is not hard to see why Linksys Business LAPAC2600 is so popular with internet home and office users. First, the device supports the Next generation AC thanks to the MU-MIMO techno that comes with it. This product helped me to take my once struggling business to the next level. It amazingly delivers a superior wireless experience that enables my employees and me to undertake transactions with my clients in a seamless and fast manner.

I also love the increased bandwidth that comes with this device. It can support many functions, including mobile streaming, VoIP, and downloading, as well as the opening and syncing of large files. And you can do all these activities without experiencing any single buffering or lag moment. You can also deploy and manage this device easily thanks to the intuitive web interface that supports PoE+ and clustering.

Another fantastic thing about this product is its amazingly high speeds. You will enjoy the combined speeds of up to 2.53 Gbps when connected to multiple devices. The multi-user MIMO that comes with the device delivers not only a powerful Wi-Fi but is also designed to keep your business moving at an uninterrupted fast pace. It is a top choice if you are looking for the best wireless access point for business.
Key features

  • Features the next generation Wi-Fi MU-MIMO tech
  • Comes with a captive portal for a customized Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Features an intuitive web interface that supports PoE+ and clustering
  • Seamless roaming
  • 4×4 Dual-band with data rates of up to 2.53Gbps


  • Comes with limited warranty and support
  • Features advanced security to protect your network
  • Captive portal for guest Wi-Fi access
  • Easy to install and use


  • Comes with no external antennae

TP-Link Wireless N300 2T2R Access point

What impressed me most with this WAP device is its IEEE 802 advanced MIMO tech. The technology works simultaneously through two antennas; TX and RX that overcome interference and signal degradation. As a result, you will experience top quality high speeds when you are located long distances or face physical barriers in your office or home. Besides, the device delivers impressive performances even when you are located in steel and concrete buildings that would otherwise result in dead zones.

In addition, this Access Point can establish or expand a scalable, high-speed wireless network for multiple Ethernet-enabled devices. It is, therefore, compatible with devices such as game consoles, digital media adapters, and printers. I also loved this WAP because it conveniently supports a number of different functions to make my wireless networking experience more flexible and enjoyable.

Another impressive feature that comes with this product is its flexible deployment capability. The device can be powered using an Ethernet cable to simultaneously send data and electricity to an AP, located 100 feet away. You can, therefore, place the AP in whichever position that is convenient to receive the best signal.

Key features

  • It comes with 300 Mbps wireless speed ideal for online gaming smooth HD video and voice streaming
  • Up to 100 feet of flexible deployment
  • Supports multiple operation modes and easy to build WLAN


  • Easy to install and set up
  • Wireless N – speed and range thanks to 802 advanced MIMO tech
  • Overcomes physical barriers and interference to deliver top performance


Not fast enough when compared to similar products in the same category
No warranty listed

NETGEAR AC1200 Dual-Band Access Point

This WAP device will definitely provide high speed performance for your office or home deployments. I love the device for its high performance, low maintenance, and superior features that accommodate small budgets. It also boasts of superb features, including external antennas to provide far-reaching quality Wi-Fi signals.

You will definitely love the device for its 1.2Gbps data speeds that will make you to forget all about buffering and poor network signals.

I also find the 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports that come with this device to be very convenient and useful. What is more, the three-year hardware warranty and lifetime chat-supports make me feel every buck I spend on this device was worth it.

The NETGEAR AC1200 is a fast, reliable device that works best for small businesses, coffee shops, and offices. It is therefore the best wireless access point for business. The backward compatibility will allow you to connect many devices and experience the fastest internet speed with no downtime, buffering, or lag. Besides, with this device, you don’t have to worry about a breach of your data. It is features advanced security f that prevents access by unwanted third parties.

Key features

  • Comes with 4 gigabit Ethernet ports compatible with PC, laptops and all other wired devices
  • Comes with Wi-Fi protected system from making set up and configuration process hassle-free
  • Compatible with all N150, N300, N600 as well as AC devices
  • Features factory-tuned external antennas
  • Equipped with dual-band 802.11ac with combined aggregate speeds of 1.2Gbps
  • Powerful 880MHz processor


  • Features a three-year hardware warranty and life-chat support
  • It is a fast and reliable device
  • Easy on your budget
  • Ideal for small businesses and offices


  • Complex installation
  • No MU-MIMO tech

Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router/Range Extender

If you are looking for the best wireless access point that comes with several other functions, then go for this product. I simply love the multipurpose nature of this fantastic device. I can use it as a universal access point, a range extender, or a wireless touchscreen. Therefore, you will get the best value for your money with this AP.

Besides, the device boasts of a convenient 3-minute touch screen set up. In fact, I completed the setup process in record 3-minute time without the need for a CD or a computer. It is also equipped with 2 LAN ports and 1 WAN port to allow for multiple users to access high-quality top speed internet. You will also enjoy streaming HD quality videos thanks to the single-band data rate speed of up to 300 Mbps.

Another unique feature that comes with this device is the factory set SSID and password provide router, which comes with anti- Google location tracking security. This universal device is easy to set up and use. It is also very compatible with other existing routers, android smartphones, PCs, Macs, Xbox, and Apple devices.

Key features

  • Come with a convenient 3-minute touchscreen setup. You only need 3 minutes f set up a time
  • Features a universal range extender mode that is compatible with any existing router including Belkin, Linsky, and Net gear
  • It is compatible with PC, Linux, iPhone, iPod, Windows, and many others
  • Multipurpose in usage. You can use it as a universal access point, a range extender or a wireless bridge
  • You won’t need PC Mac or CD when setting up


  • You will get a one year warranty
  • Easy installation process
  • Supports up to 4 SSID/networks


  • You will need to register an account before using the device

Final thoughts

Several benefits accompany the use of the best wireless access point for home, office or business. With most business and entertainment activities currently undertaken via the internet, you can miss a lot if you are using a slow and lagging internet. A Reliable internet is, therefore, an asset for any office, home, and businesses. Nowadays, most people prefer Wi-Fi routers because of its hotspots, which offer a lot of flexibility and convenience. With Wi-Fi internet, you will not need a physical connection to access the net.

However, most Wi-Fi signals may experience limited coverage caused by structural interference and other i sources, which may be beyond your control. This will result in dead zones characterized by weak signals.
If you stay in these dead zones, you will miss a lot, including losing big business deals and entertainment content. To avoid these losses occasioned by weak internet signals, you need to prioritize the purchase of WAP for your home, office, and business.

WAP will not only cover your whole property and get rid of dead spots but also increase the number of devices accessing the internet. This means that your workforce will be more productive if you are running a business. Choose one of the products we have reviewed today to start enjoying the many benefits that come with WAPs immediately.

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