Dash Cam Crash Videos: 7 Moments Before the Crash

Accidents and crashes are never fun business. We want to showcase and highlight some situations where a dash cam can be very useful in what follows an accident.

With a dash cam you can prove who is the cause of an accident – and who is not.

Here are a few highlights from dash cam crash videos and what you need to remember when you’re on the road.

Please be safe.

cement truck accident dash cam

This is a cement truck accident that was captured by a dash camera in the middle of the bright day. It was a pretty highlighted accident and displayed on the news.

This is footage from the moment before the truck is tipping over and hitting the recording car.

crane hit a bus dash cam

This is footage taken from a CCTV rather than a dash cam itself. However, the principle is the same. In an accident like this, you can have your dash cam installed in your truck and:

  1. You can record the whole event and put it on YouTube for your money channel.
  2. You can assist local authorities in the process of determining who is the cause of the accident.

dash cam crash about to hit my car

A truck that is tipping over, moments before it will crash into the recording truck equipped with a dash cam.

dash cam video crash 1

This is a car that hit the pole and got a huge bump in the side.

dash cam video crashes

Moments before this car will hit another car at high speed. You can notice how important it is to have a dash cam that can record at nights.
truck dash cam crash

Yep. This fellow truck driver didn’t calculate the height of his truck in comparison to the bridge. The roof of the truck totally ripped off.truck dash cam crashing into a smaller car

Again, this is a shot from a CCTV, but it display one of the most common accidents that occur. A car is about to make a turn left and gets hit by a truck (normally blocking the view). In this case, the driver of the car is the perpetrator and should the truck driver have a dash cam installed, he will be able to prove his innocense.

Here are the videos if you want to watch the whole thing from start to finish:

And this is the second video:

this is the Cement truck accident video that was captured by a dash cam.

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