Dash Cam Feature: Recording

Let’s talk a little bit about one of the most important features that you will be looking at; Recording.

It is obvious that a dash cam MUST be able to record to even be called a camera. However, the recording quality and functionality can differ greatly among products and different dash cams.

Seamless Continuous recording

This is something to look for. We would even go so far to say that this is probably your most important feature. It will allow you to record without gaps in your video. In addition to that it will allow you to not worry about deleting old footage or your memory card to be full.

Your old footage will be replaced by new.

Type of Shutter

there may be different shutters on different cameras. This is not nearly as important as the loop recording, but if the camera comes with an electronic shutter it is a plus. This will allow for a more silent operation as well as higher fram rates. It also reduces blur and give a more crisp end result.

Viewing Angle

You will have noticed by now (if you reviewed a few cams) that the viewing angle differs a lot. There is no real standard, but if you can get around 120° it will be fine. That is similar to the human eye and you will cover most of the traffic.

You can go up in angle to cover a large area, but you have to make sure that the camera is sufficient to handle such an angle.

Will it Record License Plates?

This is another important feature. If you are faced with a hit and run or insurance fraud. OR just a plain unfortunate accident, you will want to be able to read the license plates of your perpetrator.

Most cameras will be able to read the license plates, but make sure that you see some actual road footage of the camera being used.

Remember that it may be hard to read the license plate as cars are driving. Pause the video at the right time to be able to read it easier.

Night Vision Recording

If you’re ever driving at night (most of us are) the night vision feature is golden.

What you’re looking for is the ability to be able to take in a lot of light even at night. This will allow for a crisp and clear image even though the exposure is low.


Manual Zoom

This is really a personal preference. Some want to zoom by hand, others don’t. So you really have to make up your own mind on whether this is a needed function for you.

Does it Have a Parking Mode?

Same as the zoom. This is a personal preference. Remember that it will drain some battery of your truck, so if you are parked for an extensive time, your battery will be drained (perhaps not depleted).


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