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Dash cameras comes with many different video settings. Ultimately you’re looking for a resolution that is as high as possible. Going for a quality that is high definition or HD, for short, is a good choice.

There is an insane array of video resolutions. 1080FHD, 1920 by 1080… 1440 by 1080/ 720P… 1280 by 720/ WGA 848 by 480/ VGA 640 by 480/ QVGA 320 by 240…

If you want to have a list of all video resolutions available, you can find a list over at Wikipedia that’s pretty extensive.

What is the difference between HD and standard quality?

The difference lies in the number of pixels. Standard DVDs was developed as a step up from VHS cassettes, and they gave much better picture than VHS. At the time, television sets were not so large, and the resolution (number of pixels) from a DVD gave as good picture as contemporary TV sets were able to reproduce.

Now that TVs increasingly require higher resolutions (more number of pixels) in order to get a good enough picture quality. This is where the HD literally step into the picture, with many times more pixels than standard quality of yesteryear.

It can be a big difference in perceived image quality between the ordinary standard quality and HD-quality video playback.


How big is the difference in the number of pixels (resolution) between the regular standard quality and HD quality?

The usual standard of quality, and DVDs, has 720×576 / 2 = 207,360 pixels.

A 1280×720 resolution, which provides 921,600 pixels, is more than four times as many pixels as standard quality.

A 1920×1080 resolution, resulting in 2,073,600 pixels, is ten times as many pixels as standard quality.

Video resolution is important. We talk more about it over at the buying guide.

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