DBPOWER Full HD Car Black Box Car DVR Review


This DBPOWER dash cam is out of stock and no longer available for purchase, instead have a look at this one as it is similar in many ways:

These days, more and more of these technologies are becoming useful and highly essential to security and personal needs. One of the technologies that you could have a view is the DBPOWER Camcorder Dashboard.

This is a dashboard DashCam that can cover huge area for every vehicle that has to be equipped with a special technology for a useful purpose also. Here you can learn more of the reasons why this could be an essential technology to use in your vehicle too.

Core Features

Several features are what you will learn to from using DBPOWER as your media device inside your car and these are the following:

  • A 2.7” inch screen for a wider viewing angle allowing a wider view whenever you drive.
  • FULL HD resolution feature for a quality HD video that acquires small file sizes only.
  • Loop recording that does not leak at least a second and the file video would be much accommodated for its small size of the file.
  • Emergency lock button & accident auto detection feature (G-Sensor) can lock current video file;
  • DBPOWER Camcorder Dashboard has its automatic on and off feature with a Free Car Power that enables you to drive while your hands are free.
  • Built-in type of microphone or a speaker.

Known Problems

  • Few issues on using DBPOWER have been recognized by users. These simple problems yet have to be solved properly by the makers of it and these are the following.
  • The power cord that comes with it is fairly long.
  • The problem with the power adapter which may loose and become wobbly wherein the cable meets sticks with the adapter that is plugging it into the power receptacle.


People have no complaints when it comes to the image quality aside from it does not work well during the night. But this came to be a perfect dashboard camera for it has its image quality that is clear and very available to record that suits your device memory.

It is also effective when it comes to reading the license plates and it is one thing that makes people love this thing about DBPOWER. On the other hand, its loop video and zoom feature do work well too which makes its almost perfect recorded video quality.

[one_half_first]DBPOWER 2.7 1920x1080 Full HD Car Black Box114[/one_half_first][one_half_last]DBPOWER 2.7 1920x1080 Full HD Car Black Box11225[/one_half_last]

VideoDBPOWER 2.7 1920x1080 Full HD Car Black Box1

DBPOWER has its max power resolution of 1440 by 1080 (1080P), 1280by 720 (720P), 848 by 480 (WVGA), 640*480 (VGA), 320 by 240 (QVGA).

DBPOWER has its max bitrate of G-sensor 8GB and a video format with What is the diagonal viewing angle

Its camera rotation also superbly works which is one of the good features of this camera place on the dashboard of the vehicle.


DBPOWER 2.7 1920x1080 Full HD Car Black Box1333It has a good display due to its 2.7-inch large screen and a TFT type of screen that makes it another perfect technology for your car.


DBPOWER is a dashboard camera with 1080P Car DVR GS8000L processor that meets the proper standard for its capacity to record videos at a quality level.

G-Sensor & Incident Detection

DBPOWER is a night vision G-Sensor type of dashboard camera that ensures night vision is another great quality of this camera. But users have to apply proper camera set up so this could assure a quality night vision with its G- sensor video capacity.

GPS Enabled

DBPOWER is another camera for every vehicle dashboard with an equipped G- sensor or typically known as GPS feature. It is delivering the quality of video that is also intended for an Accident Auto Detection Feature.

Audio Recording

It is also capable of recording audio and has a quality of an audio that meets the quality of a good audio. It can be turned off depending on the user’s want.


There is no need to think of having this DBPOWER memory size because aside from it is not possible, the sizes of the videos that you will be saving are small sized only which means that you can have more videos because of its maximum size G-sensor 8GB TF Card.

Battery Life

  • A Built-in battery consuming 15 minutes for camera setup.
  • Full charging for only 20 minutes.
  • Use a car charger or USB cable through the computer when it is not turning on.

Cords and installation

The cords are safe to use. But users have the same impression that it is really thought to install the system on the dashboard for some technical reasons.DBPOWER 2.7 1920x1080 Full HD Car Black Box123


The camera measures 6.7 by 6.3 by 3.2 inches and a sufficient size to mount on the dashboard of a vehicle.

DBPOWER 2.7 1920x1080 Full HD Car Black Box12


It also has accessories that are helpful for maximum use and this includes 360-degree suction cup, car charger, and USB cable.


Manufacturer and Country

DPOWER Night Vision dashboard camera is being manufactured by Oldshark and being distributed around the United States.


  • DBPOWER is very easy to use.
  • It perfectly works in daylight and has a good display quality.
  • Settings are also easy to learn.
  • Full charging only takes 20 minutes.


  • The night vision feature is quite a questionable feature for users and they suggest it has to be improved further.
  • The attachment of the camera on the dashboard has also been improved.

Consumer Ratings

People’s decision in giving their ratings for DBPOWER is fair enough. They have shown reasons such as the quality, design, simple problems, and overall good impression that create an average rating on Amazon.

DBPOWER 2.7 1920x1080 Full HD Car Black Box11


If you are going to compare the price of DBPOWER to another dashboard cam out there, you can say that it has a better price than those.

The price it has indeed matches its quality, function, and overall experience of using this camera especially when you are driving.

Though this also has some issue, these are simple to solve from the makers of it. In the question of it is worth the price that you pay for, the answer is yes. It doesn’t fail in giving much more if an essential quality of a camera recording video for the betterment of your driving experience.


DBPOWER Camcorder Dashboard is a great option for every person who are searching for one of the top performing dash cam of the generation. If truly understood of why it is important, you can really be that eager to know more something about the product.

Generally, DBPOWER has to offer you the best and essential camera to be used in your dashboard. It has recording capacities that meet the standard of a top performing dashboard. In case you want to know which truck camera is the best, you can look after DBPOWER and see how it works.

2 thoughts on “DBPOWER Full HD Car Black Box Car DVR Review”

  1. annamary galiyas

    I love the dashcam I have one problem though. When I stop at a red light it stops recording. It blinks on and off when I stop. When ice move again it blinks on and off and starts recording. Is there a problem? Thank you

    1. Hi Annamary,

      thanks for your comment. That sounds like an error, but nothing that can’t be fixed.

      Without knowing your type of dash cam, I’d say a few basic checks to start your troubleshooting:

      1) try to disable the motion detection to see if anything changes.
      2) Reboot the camera, toggle the motion and g sensor on and off (probably what’s causing your issue). Then take out any memory card and format it on your computer. Search for “formatting SD card computer” and you should be good. put it back in and start your engine.
      3) could be a vehicle electrical problem. Like a poor alternator, and voltage drop during idle.
      4) Lastly, try to search for your dash cam’s brand and model. Look for a firmware upgrade.

      When you’ve tried all these 4 and not found a solution, I would return the camera where you bought it and ask for a replacement. Now, if the new camera does the same thing, it is most certainly a vehicle problem. Unfortunately.

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